Thursday, March 25, 2010

ATTM Book of the Week: Flashing My Shorts

I've had the privlege to trade flash fiction work with ATTM author Sal Buttaci over the course of a few months (until I couldn't keep up with Sal anymore; a man who writes a piece of short fiction each week!).  Here's the rundown on his book, including my review:

Publisher's Description:

Flashing My Shorts by Salvatore Buttaci is a collection of 164 flash-fiction stories that runs the gamut from humor to horror with everything in between. These quick but thought-out writes have become quite popular today. They tend to accommodate readers on the go who lack the luxury of sitting down for long periods of reading. Like patrons at a smorgasbord, they can taste a little of this fine dish and a little of that and not go hungry. The stories Buttaci flashes in his book can, on one page, make readers laugh, and on the next, cry.

My Thoughts:

Buttaci has a delicate touch with his pen and he's fantastic at telling stories, stories with wide range and the commonality of insight, humor and strong resolution. Buy the book for yourself, buy a copy for a friend and get ready to enjoy what a strong short story collection can offer: utter entertainment in bite-sized bits. I like to think of these stories the way I think of those portion-controlled, pre-packaged desserts: when I'm done with one, why not another?

Salvatore Buttaci masters the short form in his new collection Flashing My Shorts. The stories here are spare but powerful, and each is injected with Buttaci's quick wit, sharp insight, and the sort of emotional depth that causes a reader to pause, for just a moment, before reading on, wanting more.

Here's an Excerpt:

Years of hard drinking had driven him to seed. He slept under cardboard on the coldest New York City nights, and his days were taken up begging for spare change.

One morning a passerby stopped to look at him. He turned his unshaven, toothless face away. But the woman continued staring. “Is your name Thomas?” she asked. He shook his head. “Thomas Cole?” she persisted. Again he gestured no. He could see the tears wetting the woman’s face. She could not see his.

Leaning against the streetlight, he watched his daughter lose herself in the rush hour of pedestrian traffic.

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Hey, and if you want free shipping, Musical Chairs and Flashing My Shorts go together like ice cream & chocolate sauce... (sticking with the food theme here)


  1. The Old Silly blogged about this one yesterday. Great title.

  2. Yeah, Alex, we're all part of ATTM and we're doing some cross-promotion. It's a great press!


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