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Swimming in stories

Short post today because I read 240 pages of student stories yesterday and have a few yet to go. This is the week leading up to finals, and as the title says, I feel as though I'm swimming in stories. So far, I've read some truly amazing work. I suppose I always have a few gems in these classes, but there's something about this summer class--such hard workers in this class. I only wish these online courses weren't so jam-packed that I have to ration my time with each student.

In writing news, my Bound Off story is out! I hope it makes you laugh and cry (or come close) with this one. AN AWKWARD GRIEF is short, and Ann Rushton did it wonders with her reading. (This is an audio story, and it's free to listen. It runs just under seven minutes.)
Also, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I did an interview. It's up at DIGGING THROUGH THE FAT, blog of the remarkable Gessy Alvarez. She asks about my writing process (brace yourself) and motivation to wri…

Audio and the absurd

My husband and I were matched with our "little" this week, so we'll be meeting him for the first time soon, probably in a week or two. I'm nervous but excited. The Big Brothers Big Sisters process seems to move slow at first, then all of a sudden there's a kid waiting. They said the parents chose us, so I'll be very curious to meet all of them and find out why, though I have an idea. The match specialist made sure to tell us that the kid has zero interest in reading and writing, and that this is likely due to some learning disabilities; so maybe, just maybe, I can make it seem less intimidating without being obvious about it. If everything goes well, I'll do my best to sell him on the charms of writing, despite it's seeming intimidation. Mostly though, we'll just be his friend. He's interested in firetrucks and cars, so I have some ideas in mind about some educational and interesting things to do. Eleven-year-old kids haven't really ever …

Enough with the personal

I think I gave you enough of the personal on Thursday. Probably more than you wanted if you read it. Such is the way with blogs subtitled literary exhibitionism.

I hope the holiday went well for everyone. It was quiet for us, 80s movies and vegan bacon burgers (imagine!), and all that goes with that. Anyway, I do have some writing news, so I thought I'd share.

Two new publications:

Rita Forgives the Worldis up at Eunoia Review
Nothingis also at Eunoia Review

A new, forthcoming publication: Girls Don't Sit in the Back in Prick of the Spindle. This piece won honorable mention in the fiction open contest, which is pretty cool. Even more cool is that I'll be sharing the publication with winner of both 1st and 2nd place in the contest, Meg Tuite, who's my bud and an amazing writer.

Have a great weekend, folks! We still have a day... make it count. 

Fireworks and works of happiness

Happy 4th of July!

I doubt I'll go downtown to see the fireworks in San Antonio this year because I'm not too keen on driving and the crowds and more, I don't want to leave my dog alone for a long time tonight in case it's loud. He's so spoiled now, I know, but spoiled he'll remain until his last breath. Plus, I was listening to an NPR story the other day that warned the 4th of July was a tough holiday for pets because, understandably, the sound of air explosions--one after another--freaks them out. Many dogs and cats run away during the fireworks because they're trying to escape. It's as though they feel under attack.

Since my dog has a heart condition, I figured I shouldn't chance leaving him alone. A few weeks ago, I came home to him coughing and moving slow and acting traumatized. I figured this was it, he was going downhill, but then when we returned from our walk I heard the warning of our fire alarm and I could see the way he cringed, put hi…