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“To be everywhere is to be nowhere.” - Seneca This is how I feel sometimes, and I know I'm not alone. To work on various projects and keep up with everyone I love and like and to continue to exercise and keep up with chores... it's all quite wonderful but exhausting.

It seems that for a long time things just weren't working out for me. I was robbed, I kept getting sick, my doggie best friend died around my birthday, and I felt truly numb a lot of the time. During these few years, I reflected quite a bit on my situation.

This year has been, so far, quite the opposite. I am pursuing my dreams, I have been healthy and have felt secure. My animals are healthy and super happy, and my writing seems to be gaining some recognition.

But although I am incredibly happy to announce that this week alone I found out I am shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize (might get to go to Scotland!!!!), that I will be launching my short story collection Sunday, and that my new job …

5 ways to bounce back from rejection

One of my students recently asked me how she was supposed to submit her work when there was the horrifying possibility that it would be rejected.

As a writer, I am well-accustomed to rejection. Most artists know a thing or two about rejection. Even when it is an ordinary occurrence, however, rejection is never easy. In fact, as it comes less often and the artist finds her stride, it may even have greater impact.

Rejection is rejection is rejection. It's not terribly fun and there's no way I can think of to spin it that way. So here are a few coping strategies I propose.    

1. You know that low attention span we're all accused of having in the digital age? Yeah, use it to you advantage! After being rejected, find distraction. Modern times may mean that we are multitasking experts, but it also means there's always media to distract. Time to finally watch Justified or Mad Men. Time to read the new Toni Morrison novel. Time to read After the Gazebo (shameless!). Time to …

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