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A Week of Observations: P5

I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic. My husband and I managed to travel to Ohio to see my grandmother, to Michigan (for the OSU v Michigan game), to Windsor, and back in four days. Here are a few observations from the week:
Canada is cold in late November. It's not a good idea to open an umbrella in a casino, even if you're just walking through. If someone aggressively sells you an umbrella, it will probably do this:  Due to the fact that my husband ran into them in Japan, and we ran into them in Toledo, Ohio, I'm thinking there's a 20% chance that you will run into Exodus in any given hotel restaurant.At any given Thanksgiving celebration, the stuffing should be positioned at least two places down (beyond arm's length) from me.There is nothing like connecting with family, even if for a short time.Ohio in late November is cold.Being the opposing team fans at a big college football game may get you flicked off by an eight-year-old. Airbnb can be fantastic, as can s…

A Week of Observations: P4

What I learned this week, and a prompt: The advice given others can be quite useful when repackaged and delivered back.Flow is only possible with focus. Focus is necessary.Gyms are great. Go figure.There are days when everything sounds like a good idea, then there are days when everything promised needs delivered on and half of it no longer seems like a good idea.Running is far more pleasant in chilly temperatures.Deep-fried cookie dough exists, and it really should not exist.Sweater dresses are not very flattering in general, but they look good on a hanger.Black and white photos can make anyone look cool, even when said person forgot to tuck in her shirt (see me reading at Viva Tacoland with my shirt half hanging out).Everything seems simpler on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.Magical thinking exists for good reason.Interviews are damn fun.The elderly couple who workout in jeans are more motivation than the iron men and women of the fitness club.Dyslexia can be a real PITA, but it's n…

Writers in the Spotlight: Tina Barry

Hi Tina, 

Welcome to Literary Exhibitionism! I’m excited to have you as a guest author. I was originally introduced to your work in Fictionaut and am always impressed by your ability to create textured, vivid images in so few words. “Tuscaloosa,” a poem I first read in Ramshackle Review, comes to mind.
Hi Jen. Thanks so much for inviting me as a guest author at Literary Exhibitionism. I’m flattered. And thanks for the kind words about my writing. Yes, Fictionaut. I’m indebted to that site for introducing me to so many great writers who have become friends and supporters. You ask later in this Q&A what advice I’d give to other writers. Join sites like Fictionaut where writers meet, comment, workshop and encourage one another.
It’s interesting that you mention “Tuscaloosa.” My writing has been called “image driven,” and I suppose it is. I was a designer for over a decade; so it’s the image I see first, the story it tells follows.
I wrote “Tuscaloosa” after reading about the “Super…

A Week of Observations: P3

With an extra hour to write and reflect, I figured I'd make a blog list. It's my new thing. Here's what I learned/remembered this week. Next post will be a new interview with the poet and fiction writer, Tina Barry. In the meantime, my week's lessons...
Saying, "Thanks, that what I intended" in a super low voice is the best way to receive a compliment5Ks are much easier if a dog is pulling you alongBuying cheap candy means being stuck with cheap candy Getting your short story collection nominated for the Pen/Faulkner is like eating warm bread pudding with a scoop of vanillaIt's always good to have an extra pair of shoes in the carTo Do lists are only helpful when they're realistic; otherwise, they are a source of anxietyPutting all recurring characters in a single story is awkwardly deliciousNaNoWriMo could be any month If the conversation is awkward, walking away abruptly is a natural endPot pie can't be dressed upThe right frame can be tough to f…