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Writers in the Spotlight: David Atkinson

Featured today is writer David Atkinson, author of Not Quite So Stories. I dug right in with David about the writing process and how his book came to be. Hi David, welcome to the spotlight! 

I'd like to begin with a simple question: Writing fiction is hard. Why do you do it?
Writing fiction never seemed that difficult to me. Writing it well is more difficult, but certainly more forgiving than having to get facts right like in nonfiction. I write a lot of nonfiction as a patent attorney, and that's definitely a lot more pressure. Writing fiction seems like such a vacation after a day full of patents. I can't think of any other way to live life, without that dreaming.
I like that perspective. Thinking of fiction in that way, as a vacation, seems to turn the concept of "the work" on its head. When did you know you wanted to be a writer, and who/what were your early influences/inspiration?
It must have been before I could remember. Writing simply seemed like something pe…