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Observations: February 2017

I just got back in town from a trip to Ohio, where I visited family, then a trip to D.C., where I hung out with 12,000 writers at the AWP conference. I learned a few things.
Saying goodbye is always hard.Life will end, and might end soon, so live it up.Shiny scrambled eggs will never fail to hurt my stomach (see: free continental breakfast).Free scrambled eggs are tough to say no to (see: free continental breakfast).Michael Bolton is rather funny. Fiction does pay.Sudoku can create the illusion that one is good at math. Sleep is helpful when I want to be charismatic.Sleep is helpful when I want to be coherent.Airports are the only place I will read an entire magazine.Daily controversies are exhausting.There are a lot of writers in the world. Writers are the best people in the world.Lyft rocks.D.C. is oddly enchanting. History reminds us how much we forget.Twitter behavior says a lot about a person. Radical self-acceptance is great, but a healthy amount of self-critique propels growth.T…