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Observations: March, 2017

A few observations for March.... Giving without thinking about personal gain ends up bringing personal gain.I've meditated for over 60 days straight, and the only way this is possible in my life is to lock doors and/or wake up at 5 a.m.I've meditated for over 60 days straight, and I'm just now over the angry-all-the-time stage.Repetition, for all its simplicity, is probably the fastest way to brainwash large numbers of people.People will only hear what they want to hear, until they see. Distracting people is not difficult in the digital age. (This is what's happening while we're distracted by Twitter: is a blessing and a curse.Magic is everywhere, but it can be condensed in story.Transparency is both a blessing and a curse.I cannot make myself enjoy drinking any beverage that contains bubbles.Espresso, as a general rule, is far less potent than drip coffee.If all adjuncts quit, the system would have to change (more of a speculatio…