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Some Rambling Thoughts on Feedback

To me, writing is a simple equation: (Writing + Feedback + Revision + Craft Research)2  = Greatness

The variability of Feedback, however, is great. So, I thought I'd examine it from both sides.
I've never been one to hold back my reaction about a piece of art. In fact, if I don't like a book or story, I often don't finish it. One of my good friends, a sort of writing idol of mine, takes it even further--he says that if he doesn't like a book, he becomes angry enough to throw it across the room. As a result, my friend has a sort of book graveyard by his writing desk, a reminder of what he never wants to do with his own writing. But this is for published work. And I don't have enough space for a book graveyard, so I just tend to sell humdrum purchases to Half-Price Books.

All that said, if I'm reading something in a workshop or for a friend, I don't have a problem sticking with the work, and being completely honest. In fact, I find it rather fun to tease ou…