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A Guest Post by Emily Matthews

I've been unproductive as a blogger for the last few months, so when an up and coming writer asked me if she  could contribute an informative piece about the AWP conference here, I said have at it. I'll be back to blogging in 2012, so in the meantime, curtains back. Please enjoy the following article by Emily Matthews:

Networking at the AWP Conference

The AWPconference is one of the major ways you can network your writing career. AWP or the "Association of Writers and Writing Programs" is a group that focuses on helping out the careers of writers and writing programs across the country. They support 34,000 writers, 500 writing programs and 100 writers conferences and centers.
Their conference, heldinChicagothisyear, brings together both amateurs and major names in the literary world. Past attendees include John Irving in 2008 and Tim O'Brien in 2006. It focuses on finding outstanding authors, teachers, writing programs, literary centers, and publishers, and is one o…