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All I wanted was to spend time with my family and, if time permitted, I'd also write. What I didn't plan on was the fact that I'd get horribly sick the night before. So, when I got up the morning of my vacation, I was slow moving. As my husband double-checked to make sure we didn't leave anything out of our luggage, I took our dog out for one last pre-vacation walk. I was exhausted because, well, it was o'dark thirty in the morning, I hadn't slept, and my stomach was still a little upset; so, when my normally docile and, dare I say, lazy dog rushed forward and began barking, my reflexes weren't quick enough to retract the leash in time. When I finally rushed to catch up and see what he was barking at, a puffy white and black tail was waving at me and the smell of Ohio public transit in the '80s was filling the air. My dog began doing somersaults in the grass, trying to remove the smell; his bark had been silenced by a skunk.

Pain aside, we sprinted home …
Types of Circus, published in Fwriction : Review, made Wigleaf's Top 50 List for short fiction. A list of phenomenal work here, check it out: