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Driving through, in the midst of chaos

I returned yesterday, late. To the right is a post-reading pic from the Eastfield College Literary Festival. It was an amazing time and, more, I had amazing company.

JP Reese (left) is a poet and prose writer; she read Wednesday night and again on Thursday with me and Meg. I had the pleasure of being there for both readings. This woman is dynamite. Read her. I learned a lot from watching her work the mic, introducing each poem with a charmingly-told, emotionally-rich story that offered the audience a private glimpse into her writing process and life, and this is such a gift.

Meg Tuite (right) came just before the reading, and though I didn't have much time with her, I was starstruck. Tuite is a flash master, and her reading was dynamic in that she had everything. Everything! Her stories covered topics and perspectives as wide ranging as the graphic nature of the dairy industry to a pondering of life and illness and strength to a humorous portrayal of a Wonder Woman admirer, delight…

$2 lotto ticket

I promised some lit news, so here's that:

New piece in Monkeybicycle: "Don't Tease the Elephants" Thanks, Steven Seighman, for printing my work. I'm honored. This story is particularly special to me because it stars a character I've been using a lot since I was in Vermont. His name is Rattle, and he'll be a regular in a few of my forthcoming fiction publications.

I had an audio piece accepted to Bound Off, which I'm really excited about. Though I'll be reading it myself, and I still have a hint of bad kid from the Short North in my voice--but hey, take it or leave it.

I finally queried an agent. Well see... I'm expecting crickets, but that's one query. One is a start.

I have a piece in Obit, entitled Unlike Loss. Thanks, Matt Potter at Pure Slush! I've worked with Matt a few times, and he is a forward-thinking editor. Glad to be a part of a new collection of his.

My reading at Eastfield College with Joani Reese and Meg Tuite is this Thu…

Lessons (re)learned this week

Massive amounts of water can cure a headache
When the pectoral muscles grow tight, it's felt in the shoulders
Some stories sound better than others when read aloud, and this doesn't necessarily make them better
A martini with well liquor is a horrible thing
I am not good at photographing food
A bad mood can last a week straight if properly nurtured with negative energy
People will move, and move, and move, and this is difficult when one is still
Meditation takes dedication
There is nothing more rewarding than prompting a person to learn s/he loves to read
The corporate model does not work in academia
Emotion is there for a reason
Patience is an art
Writing is a privilege
Honesty is not always pleasant
Sushi is addictive
I do have a favorite literary magazine, by far
Nothing is ever perfect, no matter what
Reply All can be both embarrassing and enlightening
The outer membrane of a jellyfish is called an umbrella 
Light weights, when lifted regularly, can create  quite a…