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My buddy will be missed

On Wednesday morning, my dog's heart stopped beating. When I woke up (not to him needing a walk, as usual), I heard a throaty cough. When I saw him, shaking, unable to approach me, it was clear that it was the day. He was heaving and unable to move. He couldn't keep his food down, which meant he couldn't take medicine. I knelt down next to him and petted him gently, read to him until the vet opened. When I called, they told us to come in right away.

Let me just say that though he's had heart disease for some time now, it was not any easier. Rather, I can't imagine it being any rougher. I thought I'd be stoic about it. I've been meditating, spending a lot of time with him, and I've even said goodbye to him a few times (he's given us scares), but when it came to the actual goodbye, I was nothing but a big baby. I cried probably 90% of the day, and when I wasn't crying I was cleaning and rearranging and pacing like a mad woman (not because anyth…

On Mule Dixon's Pillow: American-Made

A week ago, I was presented with the opportunity to review an album on my blog. At first I thought, Why me? But then I thought again, No scratch that. Why not? So let's do this.

The album at hand is Pillow: American-Made by Mule Dixon. Categorically speaking, it's Americana, which doesn't tend to make its way into my headphones. I have both eclectic and ignorant musical tastes. I don't seek out music by genre. Rather, I tend to be one of those folks who finds herself stuck in childhood musical tastes (embarrassingly), which limits my exposure. But who doesn't like being introduced to a catchy beat and a strong voice? Dymanic lyrics? Hey, there's the trifecta.

As a rule I don't listen to music critically, so I listened to this album in the same manner I might read a book I plan to review. I was initially struck by the balance of strong, catchy beats and the rhythmic lyrics that actually say something. So I began writing this review by listening to the album…


Personal News:

Before meeting our Little Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I found it difficult to concentrate. I tried to meditate, which lasted about five minutes before I stood suddenly, thinking my hair wouldn't dry in time. Then I realized I had a half an hour left. I dried my hair and still had twenty minutes. Chris checked his work email, then read news, then checked his work email. I opened up my Luminosity games and started playing (I'm getting better, but oddly enough my ability to do tasks speedily sucks ass).

When we looked up the address, we were shocked. The kid lives in an apartment complex that is on the way to work. I go to work around 6:45 a.m., and there are usually kids outside this very complex playing chicken with the cars that go by. I'm usually all fist shaking and "damn kids, get out of the road," and I realized that our new little brother might be one of them!

We drove slowly. We couldn't find parking, so walked up to the door …

Bizarro World

Personal News:

Today is the first day of a 5-day vacation. No work, at either job, for 5 full days. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. It's my birthday, so I suppose I'll work at getting older. And, of course, I'll write. My husband and I are planning to go on a day trip with our dog, who I hope does well, and we might finally (finally!) meet our Little, from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program this weekend. The first Little they tried to match us with didn't work out because the mother never got back to the case worker. She kept saying she'd get back, had a hectic work schedule, then another week would pass before she'd say she'd get back again. It went on like that for four weeks, so now we're being paired with a new Little. He's 8, apparently talkative, lives nearby, and loves school (except for English). When they told me all that, I said I doubted a more perfect match could be made. I look forward to meeting our Little, and though…