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A Month of Observations, Feb 2016: Part 7

I am focused on my fiction like never before. This is the primary reason I haven't had much of a chance to blog here between our fantastic interviews. I realized that these lists are like a lazy person's diary, however, which I consider therapeutic. So here's my weekly therapy. A few observations from the last week:
Chocolate placed in a common area that isn't heavily monitored will disappear at the speed of sound (this is an approximate calculation).Political debates are about as enlightening as old episodes of Flavor of Love.I think the reason many people like to be told what to do and think is because they are exhausted.Novels are lethal.Writer and reader can connect through story, but it doesn't happen just because the book is entertaining.Coming to the end of a good book, or series, is like losing a friend. Or having that friend move away to, say, Texas - if you don't live in Texas - where you will probably never visit her.All medications have side effects,…

Writers in the Spotlight: Susan Tepper

Welcome, Susan Tepper! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. I am eager to discuss your new flash collection, dear Petrov, launching February 2 by Pure Slush Books. Congratulations on the new release!  I can’t shake these stories. They’re haunting and masterfully written.
The narrator in your book often writes to Petrov in a manner that depicts her reverence for the natural world and all its strange magnificence. Were there specific places that inspired these vivid descriptions?
ST:  To my mind the natural world is a spectacle that is unsurpassed.  I feel it in the everyday, and also when I see it in the great art of the museums. I’ve travelled extensively since I was a kid and I think the natural world, the varying countries, invaded me.  There was no particular place for this writing.  Other than what my mind perceives as old Russia. In many ways, your narrator is as mysterious as Petrov himself; the complexity of their relationship steers the line toward larger, ph…