Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy News

San Antonio news is rather different than Columbus news. For instance, rather than wearing suits and immovable coiffed hair (both men and women) as the new anchors do in Ohio, in Texas, news anchors often look as though they have yet to change clothes after getting home from the club at 3AM. I've also noticed, since living in Texas, that there are an inordinate number of UFO and ghost stories reported. Honestly, I find this fantastic.

I say fantastic because it becomes more difficult to take the local news seriously after the second or third "Ghosts are overtaking the Alamo" news report. But with a lighter take on the news, the stories are much easier to swallow. After all, it can become overwhelming to watch the local news each day, only to hear about the increasing numbers of homelessness and school closings, murders and the latest tainted beef on our supermarket shelves. Instead, a good UFO over Wal-Mart story can be refreshing (this was an actual story here in SA, a year or so ago...).

I did a little research about the variation of news reportage, styles, stories, crime rates vs. crime reported... and I realized that there are definite cultural divides throughout America. Some towns are downright sheltered from the gritty news whereas other communities get to hear it all. I think it's important to know what is really going on, but since newspapers are ridiculously expensive now, and news is everywhere, I suggest we all get our news online.

That said, I think that too much real news is difficult to take. So, from time to time, I take a break. I found this site: HAPPY NEWS which accomplishes the refreshing break from bad news, while reporting credible stories. Just thought I'd share....

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