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A Movie Sensational Enough, I Had to Share

I rarely watch something that I can say is utterly unique. Amélieis. To begin with, it's a lovely movie, visually. But what's more, it appeals to a sarcastic, embittered adult humor while maintaining such a beautiful childlike innocence in both character and plot line. Amelie is a whimsical, quiet girl, who likes to toy with those who are a part of the everyday world that she seems only to watch, never fit in to. This movie awakened in me a sensation I often forget, but as a writer, need so desperately to cling to.

Then Everything Comes at Once

Funny how nothing happens, opportunities don't seem to come, hope is lost and work seems undervalued, then suddenly, everything changes.

My job search, for instance, seemed a lost cause for a while.  I filled out so many applications that I began to feel as though applying to jobs was my job.  Then, over the course of three days, six opportunities presented themselves, back to back.  I snagged three interviews, got a promotion at the SAC Writing Center (my part-time job) and secured two writing gigs: as a grant writer for Alamo Colleges and as an Art Examiner for San Antonio.  I got word that "Disengaged" was chosen for an anthology, due to come out in March of 2011, and it doesn't stop there!  Within the same three days, I was asked to do a radio spot on The Author Show and an interview for San Antonio Express-News about Luminaria and Musical Chairs.

So, damn, I'm busy now.  So busy, in fact, that my next two months are booked solid with either work, appearances…

Notes on Publication

I've been asked to participate in a panel discussion about the pursuit of publication.  Details on this event, which will take place at San Antonio College, can be found here.  In preparation for this discussion, I've been thinking a lot about what it really means to pursue publication.  And although I plan to focus mostly on the ways to take a completed piece of writing from the archives of a personal computer to the eyes of a public, the idea that so many people desire publication is what's weighing heaviest on my mind.
In collecting my thoughts and compiling a solid list of resources to share with the writers who will attend this event, I began to reminisce about my own feelings on publication, and how these feelings have changed since I've earned a small list of print and e-credits for my writing resume.  I have to say, my perspective has changed dramatically.
When I was beginning to write, publication was at the forefront of my mind, constantly.  I associated writin…

Living Light

Content Warning: This post verges on preachy ... I didn't intend this, and I kind of hate it when people preach to me, so if you're like me and you don't like listening to people talk about how to 'live right' or what have you, you might want to skip this one.  I'm sure I'll be back to my normal sarcastic self soon.  

I've acquired a lot of bad habits, written about many of them and even acquired a few new ones in the past year or so (drinking too much chai and coffee, forgetting to put on deodorant--don't worry, I've learned to counteract this one by keeping a travel-sized backup in my bag, saying I'll workout tomorrow, adding too many books to my to-read list so that I'll likely never catch up in this lifetime, and it goes on) but I do have one habit that I've recently realized is quite good, and it's a habit I've kept throughout most of my life, one that I very likely gained when I ran away from home: I travel light.