Saturday, February 20, 2010

Then Everything Comes at Once

Funny how nothing happens, opportunities don't seem to come, hope is lost and work seems undervalued, then suddenly, everything changes.

My job search, for instance, seemed a lost cause for a while.  I filled out so many applications that I began to feel as though applying to jobs was my job.  Then, over the course of three days, six opportunities presented themselves, back to back.  I snagged three interviews, got a promotion at the SAC Writing Center (my part-time job) and secured two writing gigs: as a grant writer for Alamo Colleges and as an Art Examiner for San Antonio.  I got word that "Disengaged" was chosen for an anthology, due to come out in March of 2011, and it doesn't stop there!  Within the same three days, I was asked to do a radio spot on The Author Show and an interview for San Antonio Express-News about Luminaria and Musical Chairs.

So, damn, I'm busy now.  So busy, in fact, that my next two months are booked solid with either work, appearances or events, leaving little time for rest--which, to me, is bliss.  I guess it just proves that perseverance and hard work do pay off, you just never know when.


  1. Congratulations are very much deserved by you Jen! ♥

    I am reading Musical Chairs and am just enthralled by your gifted writing!

    It so captures your attention. Perseverance DOES pay off.

    Pamela Jansen
    Author of How I Became A Fearless Woman.

  2. That's wonderful!

    When it rains, it pours.

  3. Yay!!! I am so excited for you!

    Keep me posted on how things go...that is if you get a chance. I love that our books are still being sold on Amazon as a package deal!! I'm in good company. Take care.


  4. Congratulations Jen! God is so good to us isn't He? Just remember where the blessings come from. Faith pays off.


  5. Hurry up and wait and then the deluge hits. That's the way it goes sometimes and what a rush when it does.


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