Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Week of Nothing -or- My Summer Vacation

I spent the last few days off of work, and although there was plenty I could have done: make an over-due dentist appointment, rearrange my apartment, clean out my closet, organize my paperwork, make a budget for the next few months… I didn’t do any of it. Actually, now that I have it all written down, I’ll probably start chipping away at the list.
But no, over the last few days, I did very little outside of keeping my living area clean, masterminding my syllabi for my fall classes, exercising from time to time, eating, reading (Nabokov's The Original of Laura, until I started feeling guilty about reading something that a dying man wanted destroyed) and bad-mouthing LeBron James for doing the very thing most successful people do when they’re from the Midwest: leave it behind.
My energy has been rather low, so inaction suited me well enough—I didn’t feel jittery or guilty like I usually do when I’m not productive. Oh, and I got a little writing done, though not enough to be proud of. I just picked and pruned and decided what I had no choice to keep. So, that was my week. Boring, eh?
Well, I thought I’d share it anyway, seeing as how I’ve been consistent with this blog thing the past few weeks, posting every Saturday. So, since I have nothing to rant about (I could go on about LeBron, but let’s be honest, I’m was never a contracted athlete, and still I couldn’t wait to leave Columbus—I can only imagine the wanderlust burgeoning in Akron, and so I’ll keep my feelings to myself so as not to come across as hypocritical), I posted about my week, which consisted of doing near-nothing. I’ll get back on my game next week.

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  1. Really a shocker he went to the Heat. That makes them THE elite super team now.


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