Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am inspired, to say the least.

I have 76 students, 51 in English composition and 25 in creative writing.  I'm exhausted, and I'm only half-way through the first week.  That said, I'm thrilled to share my love of writing with some people who, admittedly, get queasy just hearing the word essay.

My creative writing students are an exciting group, a variety of ages and backgrounds, and all with such determination, such passion for the written word.

Although my composition students are an equally exciting group (again, 51 students total), they aren't too crazy about the idea of writing.

"Who here enjoys writing?" I asked. Two hands went up.  Two. "Who here enjoys reading?"  Four hands went up, total.

"Just wait," I told them, "you will all love writing soon. [dramatic pause, looks of disbelief, goofy smile on professor's face] Or at least not hate it..." And so it begins.  I better live up to my words now.

I was just offered a contract with All Things That Matter Press on a second book.  That's right, it looks like I have a collection in me after all.  (Absurd Hunger is still looking 10 years out, maybe 20 now, unless I find a writing fellowship in Toledo, OH.)

OK.  I need to sleep.  Yes, at 5:41PM.

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