Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't Resist/Review #1

I've expressed my desire to relax a little when it comes to promoting my work. Not so much because I think there is anything wrong with self-promotion. After all, who is going to read a writer's work if she doesn't tell anyone about it? But, I have my priorities in place right now. Between teaching and writing, I am finding it very difficult to find much extra time to promote. Further, when I get too wrapped up in reviews and responses to my work, I'm not going to lie--I get rather obsessed, in an unhealthy way.

A writer needs time to write. And, I'm writing. This is my priority as I think it should be everyone's, who takes craft seriously. Yes, even those of us who are not represented by agents and publicists who can do all the nifty advertising for us. If we keep plugging away, these people will come. (Here's to hoping anyway.)

As a result of this re-prioritization--this desire to teach, write, and then, only if I have time, tell others about my publications--I have chosen to limit the posts I will add here about my work, unless something remarkable happens, I thought I'd keep this blog promotion free, aside from my side bar ->.

But, I have to admit, I received my first official review for To Begin Again, and it's remarkable enough that I feel compelled to share it.

I mean, how beautiful is this?

"This collection of short stories and essays made my fingers tingle and my feet fidget. I always have a physical reaction to excellent prose; it is something to which I have never been able to become desensitized. But Knox's stories were different: they actually made me want to take out my pen and start writing..." 

Read the rest of the review by Jennifer O. (judging from the way she puts words together, a reviewer who is no doubt going to be posting about her own reviews one day soon) here: LITERARY ENDEAVORS

OK, so my horn is tooted. I'm off to write...


  1. Jen, we are kindred spirits. Self promotion makes my teeth itch. Sharing a nice review is impossible to resist, and you were perfectly correct to let us see it. But, my energies are elsewhere now, too. To be on my blog chirping the names of my books, well, that just makes me want to go cut some wood instead. :)

    Priorities are necessary - restraint is wise - rest is good.

  2. It's so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of links, I agree. Plus, I get very emotionally connected.

    To writing and cutting wood!


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