Friday, April 29, 2011

Short Story America

I was planning to write a lengthy post about some genius thought I was having last week (I can't for the life of me remember what it was), but I was robbed on Tuesday. I was gone an hour, came back and all electronics were gone, along with my wedding ring (which I had left off because I had been exercising... my students gave me a hard time about that one) and my grandmother's jade ring, which wouldn't earn ten bucks at a pawn shop but meant quite a bit to me.

What's right up there with the jade ring loss is the fact that I lost my computer, and any notes of genius are now in a pawn shop somewhere being stripped down and disposed of. Who knows, maybe my computer will turn up?

What's funny about life is the strange ways it balances out. Writing-wise, things are looking up. I got a confirmation that my piece in Narrative Magazine will be appearing in the fall. A short piece of fiction I wrote a while back, which appears in TO BEGIN AGAIN, "Disengaged", is being featured in an anthology by Short Story America, which is now available here.
(It's my first hardcover, and I'm pretty excited about it.)

Also, To Begin Again, my new collection of short stories, recieved a lovely review from Feathered Quill Book Reviewers:

As Chris and I robber-proof our apartment over the next week and I attempt to catch up on writing, I will also attempt to rewrite the post I began for this weekend's blog. In the meantime, if you're like me and you live in an apartment complex where yout think no one would be stupid enough to rob you, think again. Renter's insurance is cheap, and I sure wish I would've had it on Tuesday.


  1. Hey Jen!Just a thought (which you probably already thought of) why are your posts gone. Have you checked from another computer? Am I missing something here? I can get to my articles and blog with any computer from anywhere as long as I have my password. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I feel so blessed that the only thing I have ever had stolen was my purse (stolen out from under my nose while I was sleeping) and some things we were "storing" at a "friend's" house that I kind of have my doubts about. Anyway, we have really been blessed. I will keep you in my prayers that you find your rings and things. God Bless,

  2. Hi, PJ. Thank you so much for the kindness.

    No, my posts aren't gone, just my notes, which I keep on Word. Also, some other essays, stories, etc... but, maybe the computer will still show up.

    Thanks again :) What doesn't kill us...

  3. I'm inspired by your outlook, Jen. I'm happy you and Chris are safe and physically uninjured and are coping with the emotionality of such a trespass with forward motion. Congrats on the latest publications and reviews. You are amazing.

  4. Hi Jen,

    I stumbled across your blog by accident then saw that you are a fellow Short Story America writer.

    Sorry to hear about the break-in, that sucks.

    I'm off to have a look at the rest of your blog, but I just wanted to say hello.


  5. Hi, Dave. Thanks for stopping by! I write about myself, so get ready to know way too much about me :)

    I'll be looking out for your work when I get my copy of SSA.


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