Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing & Art I

Now that I know, personally, what music I can listen to as I write (very little to none), I've decided to revisit the art of prompts, and to do so through my own personal collection of art.

The image above is by Mark R. Knox, KnoxworX Multimedia. (Yes, my dad.) And he's been generous enough to allow me to explore his images here on my blog. I'll take my time because I'm a slow writer, and I'm a self-conscious writer (I wish I could revise every single thing I've had published and I probably will).

Back to the art.

This is part of the "Mannequin Series", 2008-____. In each of these pieces, the same mannequin is used (sometimes just a piece of her) to evoke different moods; I see this one as simulation in a natural setting. Often, only a single part of the mannequin is used for each piece--in this case, her hands. (A short aside: When my father first invested in the mannequin, she creeped me out. She was placed so that she was staring at the dinner table in his apartment; when I visited a few years ago, in fact, and I remember talking with my father and step-mother at the dinner table about some nice, mundane thing only to look up and see two marble green, inanimate eyes fixed in my direction and feel my heart pick up a bit. I remember telling my father that the mannequin was one of his stranger possessions and that I'd be grateful if she could be put away somewhere. I have learned to respect the mannequin as a valuable device for my father's art, but in person, I doubt I'll ever get used to her presence when visiting my father--that said, her head is now gone and replaced with a sculpture, which helps a little. The eyes were the worst.)  Art-wise, I like this series because it is quite diverse. I have no reason for picking this one to begin with. In fact, it's kinda dark, jeez!  

The goal here is to write a short flash piece or prose poem responding to this image in May. If this image inspires you, I'd love to read your work, and to post it. Drop me a note or share what you write below.

This is an acquired taste for me, writing to prompts, and I'd love company.


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