Saturday, August 27, 2011


Um... I mean serial. But cereal seems more interesting as a title right now because It's early, and I'm hungry.

OK, so, my hand is all better (just about), and I'm writing again. The problem is I am now boring because I've been inactive these last few months due to constant pain and whatnot.

So, I plan to revamp this blog for a while. In other words, I will no longer discuss me or my writing life here. Instead.... I will post fiction. Yup. Original, unpublished fiction. It's a serial story that I will be writing as I go, and I hope you enjoy it. I'll post the first tonight Saturday 08/27/11, and the plan here is to add to this story each weekend.

I am undecided as to whether I'll leave up the archives. Perhaps I'll make up my mind as I go, depending on whether my mom is the only person who logs in to read this story. What I have now is a premise. I will write today and post later tonight. We'll see where it goes. And who knows? Maybe my life will become interesting again soon, and I'll go back to the navel gazing.

Hope you join me!


  1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm glad you're reading b/c my mother actually doesn't read my blog :)

  2. Thanks, Alex. Just trying it out for a while... while I learn to live out loud again. :)

  3. writing serial stories while eating breakfast cereal sounds like fun!


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