Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012: Literary Foursomes

A resolution I forgot to add: Get with the times, and collaborate more. So far, so good.

My first publication of 2012 is all about the collaborative nature of modern literature. Thanks to Meg Tuite, who contributed, edited and masterminded this beautiful anthology.

Each story in here is written by four authors, and there are lots of stories. So, 4 * Lots + Duces = 37 individual authors. Good authors. So many good authors I won't list them all.  Let's just say, some wild word concoctions in here. 


  1. Sounds great!

    I came across a review of Meg Tuite's novel, Domestic Apparitions, a few months ago, through a fellow blogger of mine who couldn't stop raving about it.

    Where is this anthology available? Would love to read it.

  2. It's a wild collection, Jen. I think you'll like it. As far as I know, the book is only available at Lulu. I linked the image of the book to the site, so you just have to click on it. And I must say, I totally agree with said blogger. Meg Tuite is an awesome writer.


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