Saturday, August 25, 2012

Calendar Entries and Another Souffle

First things first:

I'm a big fan of Gordon Ramsay. I like his unrefined but tenderhearted persona on cooking shows, and he has some killer recipes online that I always read and think about making later as I heat up my Lean Cuisine or throw together a PB&J.

My husband and I were going to go to the country this weekend because work has been ridiculously stressful, and we both need to get away and do something free and nature-filled; but our trip was postponed. So, seeing as how I'm a self-proclaimed chocolate souffle master (I have made one, and it was OK), the culinary goal this weekend is to attempt a savory souffle.

And, who better to guide me than Gordon? Here's the link to the recipe I'm working from: BBC Good Food; It's a classic cheese souffle, but I'll be modifying it by adding spinach and omitting the Worcestershire sauce (gag - sorry, Gordon). We'll see how this goes.

In writing news:

1. I'll be at the KGB Bar, reading with the amazing Joani Reese, Roberto Carlos Garcia, Stephanie Dickinson, and the even will be emceed by the incomparable Susan Tepper. This will be going down at 7PM on 9/21. If you're in New York, come!!!!

2. After getting my new story (one of my favs, and again, please read because I really love this piece) "Getting There" published in PANK, I thought, hm, PANK has always been one of my favorites to read and I miss working for Our Stories as a reader and editor, maybe they could use an extra pair of eyes. Well, I asked the one and only Roxane Gay, and she answered. I am the newest (or close to it, if not) reader for PANK magazine. I've read 12 stories for the magazine so far, and I feel at home doing it.

3. Melissa Studdard, author of Six Weeks to Yehidah and English professor at Lone Star Colleges in Houston has contacted me to say that she is teaching To Begin Again in her two of her classes this quarter. So, I'm working on a way to get to Houston and visit these classes. I am so thrilled as I haven't really had the time to push this book the way I'd like to. Thank you, Melissa!

4. I got rejected a few days ago, by Black Clock (rather, my story did; a magazine is yet to reject me personally). It was awesome because it was one of those rejections that starts like an acceptance and gets you excited because it's one of your favorite magazines and you're in disbelief and the first stages of self-aggrandizing intoxication at the thought of seeing your name in its pages, then comes the "but..."
Oh well. It was one of those encouraging rejections, and because I haven't been submitting much, I forgot how motivating an encouraging rejection could be (only writers with this madness, right?!). Hey, and seeing as how I'm reading and recommending/not recommending pieces again, rejection will keep me empathetic and patient.

5. I'm going to write this weekend. Then read, then write some more and make a souffle.

Off to it... Have a beautiful weekend! If you live near me, don't forget to put on your mosquito repellent.

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