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Texas Autobahn

Right now, the Buckeyes and Michigan are playing. Michigan is in the lead, and my scarlet and gray clad husband is nervously engaged. During breaks and commentary, he's been pacing and separating pomegranate membrane from seed that floats in a big bowl of purplish water. This is not the normal Saturday in our household, but it's a rather perfect portrait and what I had hoped for from our vacation. I am writing, my husband is relaxing and watching football, and we have some odd doings in-progress in the kitchen. I love this downtime and will soak in every minute.

Over Thanksgiving I think I might have gained back the pounds I lost a few weeks ago back, which I'm happy about. I'm feeling healthy; and in my own opinion, I haven't been looking it since I lost that weight. I've never liked the emaciated look. And, I really don't like the attention it gets from other too-skinny middle-aged women: "Oh wow, you look so good. What are you doing? Zumba? I starte…

Journal writing about journal writing workshops

Let's face it, this blog is really just a public journal. I mostly talk about myself, my writing failures, successes, frustration, and inspiration. I guess this alone qualifies me to teach a journal writing workshop. I've been hosting such workshops at the San Antonio Public Library every six months, for teens and preteens who are interested in journal writing and want to know more about how to do it, and why they should bother.

Here's how these workshops go down:

After our introductions, I begin the workshop by telling the writers what I believe to be the benefits of journal writing. For me, journal writing offers the following:
a record of life events (no worries about faulty memory)perspective on current situations, which allows me to decide what my goals are and what I need to change in my lifedistance from emotionssafety (if I write or even draft a post, and I decide I don't want to share it, I never have to.) proof of how far I've comea reason to write  After …

What a healthy weekend looks like around here

Writing and Other News:  

I'm thankful to be feeling better this weekend and more, I'm beginning to catch up on work, so I'm feeling much better creatively. I wrote two really bad short stories, one in a waiting room and another as my husband drove me to a mega gas station (more on this later); somehow I think the stories will evolve to their desired state if I let them sit and simmer a while. I like the characters. Also, now that I'm feeling better, I plan to return to my larger works that really just need polished and submitted. But one thing at a time...

If you live in San Antonio, and you're a pre-teen, teen, or have a teen, come out to the Parman Branch San Antonio Public Library on Thursday. I'm leading a Junior Journal Writing Workshop, and I'd love to see you. I've done this a few times, and I can guarantee, we'll have fun.

Personal and Of Interest (or Not):

I almost skipped the blog this week, but I couldn't keep such a magical experienc…

Fortune or No

This extra hour is needed right now. In fact, I need an extra day, so if anyone reading this can arrange that please let me know. I am quite behind on my work, grading, etc... because I had a little set back early in the week. But what do I have to complain about?

There are still so many people without power on the East Coast, or who are in need of help. I have donated to the Red Cross, and I do hope that this helps. I am thankful that my family in Holyoke, MA is okay and even managed to avoid losing power (an important thing for a small business that operates mostly online and specializes in videography).

Not much to say here this week.

I've spent most of the week in the house. I've lost four pounds since Monday from being sick to my stomach yet again. But, I've spent a lot of quality time with my dog and cat, and I finished up the week with some gentle yoga, followed by a seriously deep-tissue massage that makes me feel like I have neck again and not just a bunch of knots…