Monday, December 10, 2012

Finals Week

Not much to report here. I am living at the height of the glory and pain of teaching as I drown in end-of-term stories. I am still eating veggies and using my juicer. I am still feeling good. I am working over at the 9-5 to prepare for a real vacation. I have a ton of story ideas I can't wait to write. I've been keeping notes as the ideas come. They will be written soon. Things will be revised. I am not asleep.

Back to teaching. These students (writers) are kicking ass! They're listening, emphasizing their strengths and working on their weaker points. So far, there's been such creativity and growth that I feel downright proud. Here's a glimpse: a brilliant story about a popular children's icon attacking an innocent family; a science fiction piece about a meteor headed toward earth during an evangelist regime, which causes citizens to find their inner hedonism;  a few mind-blowing survival stories; and there is so, so much more. This is an amazing group, and I'll miss reading their work. But, because I'm reading this budding brilliance, this week's blog is short and late. I'll post again next weekend.

In the meantime, here are a few amazing stories (two newer, two older) I read online during breaks and for reference for my students. When I'm done, I'll be able to settle in and read something longer: Open City. It's first on the list. Oh, and I can return to reading at PANK. If PANK will still have me. (I just realized that I am looking forward to my break from reading so that I can read. That's love. Or obsession. Same thing, right?)

Eudora Welty: Why I Live at the P.O.
Alice Dunbar: A Carnival Jangle
Jia Tolentino: The Odyssey
Stephanie Dickinson: Black Night Heron

Now, back to grading, drinking my power juice, getting ready for the corporate work tomorrow, and using every cell in my body to will it to snow in San Antonio tonight. Wow, I miss snow. Have a beautiful week.

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