Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ever since I started meditating

...more often I've found myself in a really bad mood. Is that common? I've read about a "clearing" stage, but I've been meditating twice a day for two weeks (quite the jump from the occasional cross-legged try here and there), and I noticed it a little the first week but in the last week I've just been snappy. Perhaps it's unrelated, a coincidence, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Despite my bad mood, I have found solace in my readings. I've read some crazy-good work for PANK this week, and I'm judging Otterbein's Quiz & Quill awards this year, and I'm thrilled for these future grads. There are some names in this submission pile that I'll be looking out for. Anyway, my other reason for posting mid-week is: I think this is the coolest thing ever, and I wanted to show off. I have a QR code for my website! I tested it out on my phone, and it works. How awesome! Now I just need to covertly post this everywhere. Perhaps a future in tagging?

I'll try to write a short post this weekend, but in case I don't I'll be checking in. This is it! The big trip! At the end of the week, I will be entering the writing zone.  


  1. Tip: May or may not apply.

    Meditation may just make you more open to your feelings. They can be cleared thru action or making deisions to change whatever it is making you snappy. That cannot be answered by me or anyone elso. Something for you to ponder.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks, Mike. I figured as much. With clarity comes clarity.

  3. Hi Jen, how long do you sit for each session? Because two sits a day is ambitious for a beginner. I get into trouble with myself when I expect to feel certain things, like peacefulness of more centered. May I recommend sitting for once a day, for twenty minutes, adding five minutes each week until you can sit for 30 minutes. Meditating is a lot like running. You need to advance gradually. Part of your restlessness may be due to the fact that there are things that urgently need to be done. Do three of those things before you sit, and let the rest go until after you meditate. This is especially true of the evening sit. It's easier to give yourself over to meditation first thing in the morning.

    Most importantly, join a meditation group and meditate with them once a week. Corporate meditation has transformed by solitary practice. Ad über most of all, be kind to yourself. You are doing a great thing for yourself and everyone around you by meditating.
    Blessings, Diana

  4. Thanks, Diana! Yeah, I do 10 minutes in the morning before work and 15 - 20 minutes in the evening. My sessions themselves are going okay. It's my general mood outside of meditation. I'll take it easier. Maybe one time a day would be more sustainable. I'll try that. It is crazy where the mind goes when it wanders... a lot of older feelings have come up. Again, thanks for the support. I did find a meditation center around my apartment, so I'll try that and see how it goes.

  5. One reason for being in a bad mood is not getting enough sleep. It's good that you are doing meditation regularly. It has many benefits.

  6. Good point, Julia. I am no good with no sleep. I'll keep at it.


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