Sunday, January 20, 2013

Off and on

Ever had one of those days (weeks) when you just feel off? That's me. For instance, I'm chewing a piece of 5 gum right now, a gum brand I usually find satisfying, and for some reason it tastes like paint thinner. I thought I was getting sick but ended up just feeling kind of weak and achy for a few days, so I guess I fought it off. I made many small, avoidable errors at work and in life (oops, forgot my keys; oops, didn't mean to send that email yet; oops, did I just upload the wrong file again?). I was beginning to think that I was subconsciously self-destructing. But really, I think it's just one of those weeks. 

I just spit out that gum, and I kind of want another piece. But I'll throw the pack away. Okay, so talking about my ineptitude at life this past week is boring, so on to other things. I read a horrible review of some of my older work, which I know shouldn't but kind of affected me. I did not win the Black River Chapbook competition, but I am still honored to be a finalist; I look forward to reading the winner's book.

Along with my meh and out-of-it news, I have good news! Lots of it.

Writing: I got a piece I really love accepted to JMWW, which is one of my favorite journals to read online. I revised one of the strangest pieces I've ever written. I think it's ready to submit, but I have no idea where it would fit. And see the two new pubs this week.

Reading: My reading life is good because a copy of Hobart 14 arrived in the mail, so I've been devouring that. Also, I received a book from Claire Ibarra, Dreams of Duality, which I won (don't usually win stuff). I look forward to reading it next.

Personal: I went to the dentist and though he did try to sell me a toothbrush, he said I was doing good... no cavities and gums are okay. I bought not one, but two new pillows. I got a $14 haircut that ended up great, better than the $30 one I got a year ago.

And the absolutely best news imaginable: My sister, who has been looking for full-time work for almost five years, got a job! A good job with benefits! At OSU! I couldn't be happier for her. Go Bucks!!!

Two new publications this week: 

Available this week... In the meantime, check out their website by clicking on the picture. It's amazing, the art they sample that is featured in this issue. I was blown away and can't wait to see the print version.

Off to write... hope you all have an on week.

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