Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving forward

Springtime means change and transition. Here in San Antonio, the springtime also means it will soon be hot, triple-digit hot, and that we'll start hearing about rationing water; likely, we'll notice less water pressure in the shower, and we'll walk on crunchy brown grass as we hope for rain. There is always the beautiful with the bad though. And here, that means wildflowers. Southeastern San Antonio has a few spots that are abloom right now, according to my research, so a short weekend drive is definitely in order. When you live somewhere flat (Ohio) or dry (Texas), somewhere with no water or mountains nearby, you have to find the natural beauty where you can.

My dog is stable. He's actually really active in the mornings and has been jogging a little on his walks. I'm not sure if I should discourage this, but I say he should enjoy his life, so a little jog here and there is a good thing. He's loving his new all-natural diet, and all the attention he gets being a patient (not to mention all the chicken he gets that we wrap around the 5.5 daily pills he takes for his heart).

I got off work a little early today thanks to Good Friday and a kind boss. So, after I check my Alamo email for messages from my creative writing students, I'm going to workout, then relax and spend this weekend with my family; and since last weekend was robbed from me by a serious cold, I plan to live it up. I hope you do the same. Start it off by reading "When Pretty People Disappoint" (more below).

Writing News:

  • I got a rejection yesterday, and one on Monday, but both were positive. The try-us-again sort of rejection, not just the best-of-luck-elsewhere type. So I'll take those as wins.
  • I have a new piece in JMWW (mentioned above)I hope you read it. My good friend JP Reese is in there, too (nice surprise), along with Jules Archer and Len Kuntz. Great work, all. I really love JMWW, and am thrilled.
  • I have not looked for an agent (will I ever?) but am still thinking about it
  • I have a completed a full-length short story collection, so there's that. Guess it's a good reason to revisit the above bullet.
  • I was Finalist in yet another Glimmer Train Competition. This makes four finalist status reports there since I began writing. 
  • I will soon be reading in Eastfield for the Eastfield Literary Arts Festival. More on that soon.
  • I got the paperback copy of Oh Sandy, and it's amazing. It's for a good cause, so if you buy it, know that you're helping victims of Sandy who are still suffering in New Jersey. But also know, this book will make you laugh. There's some great stuff in there.

Happy Good Friday, Happy Easter, Happy April Fool's, and Happy Spring!!!!


  1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Jen.

  2. Thank you, Julia. That's very kind.


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