Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Uno Kudo 3 is Out

 I am thrilled to have a brand new piece of fiction, Animal Control, in Uno Kudo Volume 3. It was just released. The story is funny and a little crazy and, of course, set in Ohio. UK3 is a compilation of literary and visual art. Proceeds go to  PEN International, to support artists worldwide.

This stunning book is available in PDF and in a hard copy. The work in here is really outstanding, thanks to a lot of amazing art and the tireless reading and editing by Bud Smith, Aaron Dietz, and Erin McParland. I'm proud to be a part. The paintings shown here, which accompany Animal Control, are by Deedee Cheriel.

So support the arts by reading and looking at art. Experience the art. Check out Uno Kudo 3*!

*There is adult content in the cover of this book, so please don't follow the links if you have gymnophobia or are offended by nudity in art.


  1. Loved your piece in this, Jen Knox. And I thought the image of the bear cuddling with the two others introduced an interesting "feeling" to your piece--like the bear was the guy from the story, and so on. I thought it was a nice pairing.

  2. Yes! Aaron, I was thrilled with the pairing. I got my copy yesterday after work, and the print is divine.


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