Saturday, May 3, 2014

Workshop it!

My husband and I spent the day driving around San Antonio and looking at small houses with our eyes wide. We are not yet in a position to buy, but the desire is there. The small, ranch-style homes with big backyards for our rambunctious pup are the stuff of daydreams right now. It was a lovely day to drive around and explore, a Saturday well spent.
When we do eventually buy a home, a criterion will be a roomy office space. A cozy home office, after all, makes for comfortable writing. Not that less ideal space keeps me from writing. But a girl can dream.

To achieve this goal sooner, I have decided to offer writing workshops and coaching services to individuals. I love teaching creative writing at the community college, but the classes I teach are large, and there is only so much individual attention I can offer each student. The goal of these workshops is to offer what I cannot in large classes with time constraints, the additional attention writers so deserve.

I am offering workshops locally and online (email correspondence; Skype at the writer's request). I have done this on a very small scale some years ago, and it was a success, so I hope there is still a need for this service. If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, please check out my website. These workshops are customized and adapted to each writer's individual goals, and I'm excited to get started. If the idea takes off, I will set up a website dedicated solely to the workshops soon.

In writing news, I'm happy to have another kind review of DTTE at Amazon. I'll be setting up another San Antonio reading soon. Details are forthcoming.

I hope you all have a great weekend  (what's left of it)! Enjoy doing what you do.    

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