Sunday, June 1, 2014

New publication, new opportunity

It has been a good week, a hopeful week. I began budgeting, spring cleaning, and got a few important questions answered after quite a bit of waiting. My writing has been stalled a little, but I think I'm getting back on track. Don't Tease the Elephants, my 5-story chapbook, has been getting some strong reviews, which is encouraging since I haven't had much time to market (as indie writers must).

Craft-wise, the day-to-day is motivating. I have a lot of great people in my life, but a few folks I know have been testing my patience lately. To them I say, "Bring it!" One of the best catalysts for short fiction is being upset about something/at someone. Anger (even annoyance) is a reason to rewrite what we see, how we see fit, and to examine what we know, what we cannot, and what we can change. Speaking of which, I got a story published in METAZEN last week. "Soon" is about a man searching for peace of mind. Thank you to the editors at this one-of-a-kind journal, notably Christopher Allen and Frank Hinton.

Other writing news: I am going to a summer residency at The Art Farm to work on my novel. I can't wait! Unlike the residency at Vermont Studio Center, during which I stayed only two weeks and had to work (the day job) on-site, I'm free and clear to write this time, the whole time. I'm going to sacrifice three weeks of pay at work and take a leave. I finished three short stories and a considerable amount of a novel (revision) at the first residency I attended, so I have high hopes. I want to be accountable, so here are my goals:

  • Complete draft of novel (already close)
  • Complete a post-draft outline (this is how I work)
  • Complete 1-2 flash fiction stories (I'm working on a series that each cover a personality disorder cluster, as defined by the DSM-V)
  • Begin novel revisions (and set a post-residency schedule)

So there, I wrote it. Now I have to deliver.

I wish you all a good week. But if the negativity comes, fuel up and create something.


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