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A Week of Observations

If you're allergic to avocados, you're allergic to guacamoleYou don't have to do ALL the Zumba/yoga/HIT movesYou keep saying you're going to be more consistent with this blog, just a reminder Dog park people are almost always niceGood teachers are rare and valuable, and the world needs to start respecting them The internet just might be an actual black holeIf you don't plan to stay long at the party, bring cookies instead of wineBe patient when trying to catch fast spidersWhen you work six jobs, you'll occasionally forget which one you're supposed to be doingThe second person perspective is perfectly okay when referring to self in listsWhen you have talented friends, they will forever release new and exciting work. Here are two friends' works that you can't wait to read:Michael Gillan Maxwell's new book is out: The Part Time ShamanMaria Savva's new book is out (and forthcoming): A Time to Tell. Also, check out Maria's book trailer: YouTu…

If you want something done, ask a busy person

Two of my students pulled me aside this week to ask about how often I write, and my habit is so incredibly simple I thought I'd post about it: I write a little bit when I can and as often as I can.

Since becoming a freelancer, I love everything that I do. Well, not everything, but let's say I love about 97% of what I do. I feel as though I'm contributing to community, feeding my art, and feeding others' desires to create art. But my schedule is rather insane. I work 20 hours a week managing a Writers-in-Communities program for Gemini Ink, which I'm finally starting to get the  hang of. I teach an online class and will be teaching two classes online come October, I teach adult ed short story workshops one day a week in the evenings, I take on a maximum of two writing students each month who get personalized attention and support (I am a freelance writing coach and plan to take on more students in the future in exchange for giving up my work as an adjunct (love teach…