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A Month of Observations, July 2016: Part 10

The last two weeks have been confusing. Human behavior is confusing. It's why we need art and meditation, poetry and stories. I'll just dive right in today and see where this goes.

Serrano peppers are hotter than they look. Take note.Trends move so fast now that you can wait pretty much anything out without much effort.Patience is not passivity.Orange is the New Black is a great show (I really didn't think it would be).People buy more guns when there are shootings, and more guns mean more shootings. That's math. Pokemon Go is all the craze, and a million copycat apps will be there to claim similar appeal when it fizzles (it's a good idea, and I suppose this is more of a prediction than an observation).When your ceiling caves in on your couch, you can see it as a horrible thing or an opportunity to get a cuter couch (see: cute red couch).Going home is unpredictable. I spent ten minutes looking around, trying to show my husband the way to a park that had been replaced…