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Reflections from Marfa: 2016

The drive from San Antonio to Marfa is full of snaky roads and rock fall warnings. Taking I-10 through the hill country toward West Texas, the landscape is marked by rampart and cacti; the radio station options go from a few dozen to two. My husband and I listened to horse raising commentary interspersed with a sort of country music free-styling session. Our dog sat in the backseat, at first upright and ears perky, then alert and curious, and finally slouching and timid. Erm … where are you taking me?
The winds hit as I heard the hook “if you’re gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the van,” and things got Hunter S. Thompson weird from there (sans mind-altering support). We stopped at just about every gas station we could find as we made our way further west. If driving to West Texas, remember that bathrooms are an opportunity to seize, not a guarantee.
As the roads twisted higher and the mountains surfaced along the horizon, we noticed fewer road signs and more border cont…

A Month of Observations, August 2016: Part 11

Some thoughts in August...
The best way to not write is to talk about what you're writing.If you want to feel better about your decision-making skills, put your chess app on Level 1.Name changes are a PITA. When you have 4 teachers and and only 1 student, that's one lucky student. #truestoryYou shouldn't sip espresso. If you do, you don't get it. I'll show you how it's done.The right lighting is everything.The right friends are everything.The right place at the right time is cool.The right direction without GPS is genius.The right decision can't be over-analyzed.Adjuncts don't get paid enough. Nonprofit workers don't get paid enough.The cannabis industry, globally, is something that people like to wave off, then secretly invest in. #truestoryIf no one listens to you, that's permission to say whatever the fuck you want.When you can get comfortable out of your "zone" and sit well with embarrassment, you're a rock star.  *Creativity pr…