Thursday, December 8, 2016

Observations, December: Part 15

The best way to reach out is to look within. Sounds good anyway, right? It definitely seems the basis for meditation and the theme of Westworld, so how can it not be true?

I've been taking a break from social media, specifically Facebook, to focus on a few writing projects. In a way, looking within through art. Or maybe I'm just strategizing about how to live in a less-than-ideal reality.

Whatever the answers... here are my observations from the last month:
  • Don't take HVAC systems for granted.
  • Internet advertisers: Send me a coupon, get a click. Send me twelve coupons, I'll block you.
  • Most of us are dehydrated (drink some water).
  • Cold weather = increased coffee consumption.
  • Basic civics, logic, and humanities curriculums need more attention in America. Too many people are under-informed and easily manipulated. 
  • Art saves. Action saves. Bitching is just bitching.
  • There are way too many dystopic films for my comfort. (*cough* education)
  • One can resist respectfully. Love regardless. Love relentlessly.
  • House hunting is equal parts fun and a PITA.
Prompt: Your character is living The American Dream. What's his or her day like?

I published a few interviews at Black Fox Literary Magazine and Superstition Review, both on writing/the writing life. Check 'em out!!

Love, Jen


  1. Interesting book picks. I wouldn't have expected Updike to make your list.

    Flowers for Algernon was depressing. Middlesex was okay I guess. Meh. I've read a few Updikes, but not that one. I don't think I've read any Toni Morrison.

    Anyway, my clown story has gone off the rails. Ha.

  2. Rabbit at Rest is one of my favorites, yes. It's so hard to pick a short list of books, and mine would likely change on a daily basis. I just started reading Don DeLillo and would probably add him as well.

    Clowns are supposed to go off the rails! I love it. :)


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