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2011 Resolutions:
1. Write some stuff. 2. Stop using smiley faces. :) 3. Continue to workout to those horrid Jillian Michaels tapes. I love/hate her. 4. Continue drinking coffee in abundance, but spend less money (no Starbucks) 5. Don't fall asleep in my contact lenses or on a bus. 6. Get Chris to workout by any means necessary. 7. Read as many books as I did in 2010, even if I find full-time work. 8. Say no every now and then just for practice, so it's not awkward when I really need to say the word (this will be fun). 9.  Come up with a bad-ass pen name so that I can write vampire erotica without anyone knowing. (I'm open to suggestions.)   10. Blog regularly.                 

To Begin Again

To Begin Again is going into final editing within the month. I'm thrilled, and I think that given my experiences with Musical Chairs, I've learned a lot about what to do and not do when releasing a book. 
To do:
Tell people.

Don't do:
Tell people everything about my life. 
(I'm kidding.) 

This is a collection of short stories that capture lives in the midst of transition. Some of the pieces are fiction, others are essays. I don't label the pieces by genre. (Some are more obvious than others, but as you might know, I tend to use the first person narrator in fiction; hence, there's a little mystery to the work.)

If you are interested in reserving a signed copy of the first printing, click here and leave your information.  

The Result of Our Efforts

I am reminded of those elaborate Zen gardens that monks spend days to create, only to then destroy their art and begin again. Our gingerbread house wasn't that impressive. It was harder than we anticipated. But, man, it was about the journey... it was so much fun to make.

Christmas Memories

This time of year, I'm always reminded of my grandfather, Homer, who used to dress up as Santa and sit in his recliner, belly up and at attention, red hat tilting to the side, watching the Toledo holiday parades on a small television in his living room. I remember stockings full of candy and trinkets: lip gloss, a journal small enough to fit on a key chain, perhaps a key chain... I remember the tree. I even remember realizing that Santa Claus was a calculated sham that the whole cruel world of adults was in on. I remember forgiving the adults. I remember the sticky sap all over everything; the divine smell of it, which stuck to the wrappers of the sweet, colored candy canes that hung from the tree. The thrill that my sister and I would have when we saw it snowing outside. No matter how many times Ohio had seen snow that year, if it snowed on Christmas, it was somehow special.

This year, I will be spending my Christmas in Texas with my husband. It will not snow. We'll be constru…

New interview at The Smoking Poet

The Beauty of Anxiety

I suffered from severe anxiety on and off from the time I was a small child, which peaked in 2003 with full-blown panic disorder. I wrote about this in my book. Panic, in fact, was the catalyst for my memoir because it was a desire to understand the source, to stop the fear that made me reflect on decisions that I thought consciously would best be forgotten. Up until I began writing, in fact, I was ashamed of myself and my decisions.
What happened when my panic disorder began placing me in emergency rooms and causing me to veer off the road when driving home, was that I was forced to revisit my past and to reevaluate my life. Believing I was going to die at any moment, I began to live in constant fear. And when one feels such things, it is difficult to talk out. Yes, I did engage in cognitive therapy and I meditated and began a religious yoga practice. I did everything people say to do, but the panic continued to arrive. It came on like an explosion from within, without warning, and it…

what adjuncts can do for money during the holiday break

a few suggestions:

1. Donate plasma.
This is an option for those non-anemic professors, who have a strong stomach and a daring spirit. It is a viable option because it not only offers a small pile of money for an hour's time, but it is also a nice thing to do. When donating plasma, remember to eat a little something twenty minutes or so before you arrive. 
Warnings: This money-gathering technique will pay between $60-$90 for a first visit, but the donor risks bruising, fainting and must keep in mind that they pay you less if you are a repeat visitor. 

2. Sell personal items on Craigslist.
Much like donating plasma, there are a few things to consider when posting your possessions on Craigslist. Firstly, make sure it's something you really want to sell. Make sure the thing you're selling is portrayed accurately in the ad you place. Finally, screen anyone with whom you will be meeting to sell your stuff. If, say, when you talk to the individual on the phone, he is already trying t…