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Short Story America

I was planning to write a lengthy post about some genius thought I was having last week (I can't for the life of me remember what it was), but I was robbed on Tuesday. I was gone an hour, came back and all electronics were gone, along with my wedding ring (which I had left off because I had been exercising... my students gave me a hard time about that one) and my grandmother's jade ring, which wouldn't earn ten bucks at a pawn shop but meant quite a bit to me.
What's right up there with the jade ring loss is the fact that I lost my computer, and any notes of genius are now in a pawn shop somewhere being stripped down and disposed of. Who knows, maybe my computer will turn up?
What's funny about life is the strange ways it balances out. Writing-wise, things are looking up. I got a confirmation that my piece in Narrative Magazine will be appearing in the fall. A short piece of fiction I wrote a while back, which appears in TO BEGIN AGAIN, "Disengaged", is be…

Two Years

It's been two years that I've been married. For kicks, I thought I'd revisit my thoughts surrounding the first year of my marriage. 

I took my vows on 4/20/09
Posted Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Usually, I do the dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, and generally straighten up the apartment. In exchange, Chris does the laundry. Lately, however, my husband has been sleeping late, which means if we want our turn in the laundry rooms during the weekends, a competitive time for apartment laundry-doers, we have to get in early. In other words, I have to start the loads.
Yesterday, I hauled four loads down to the laundry room at 5AM, and as I threw clothes into the washer, something brushed my fingertip. It was a cluster of receipt paper in a pair of Chris's jeans; I pulled it out, mildly disappointed that it wasn't money, and noticing that there was no trash can anywhere, I held on to it.
When I got back to the apartment, I went to pl…

Writing & Art I

Now that I know, personally, what music I can listen to as I write (very little to none), I've decided to revisit the art of prompts, and to do so through my own personal collection of art.

The image above is by Mark R. Knox, KnoxworX Multimedia. (Yes, my dad.) And he's been generous enough to allow me to explore his images here on my blog. I'll take my time because I'm a slow writer, and I'm a self-conscious writer (I wish I could revise every single thing I've had published and I probably will).

Back to the art.

This is part of the "Mannequin Series", 2008-____. In each of these pieces, the same mannequin is used (sometimes just a piece of her) to evoke different moods; I see this one as simulation in a natural setting. Often, only a single part of the mannequin is used for each piece--in this case, her hands. (A short aside: When my father first invested in the mannequin, she creeped me out. She was placed so that she was staring at the dinner table i…

A Writing Practice Soundtrack: Part II

I wrote a new piece every other day, on average, for the second half of the month. This was the unstated portion of my odd little experiment with music and writing. I’ve been writing “shorts” flashes, poetic paragraphs if you will and the occasional poem or micro essay, while accompanied by the artists/albums in the post below this one.
Some artists didn't work with me. Goodie Mob, for instance, was distracting in that I would start to write then begin to bob my head (slight tilt to the right) and then I’d get totally distracted. I'm not kidding here. Rap music makes me want to dance, and it does not (given the limited options I tried) feed my immediate need to write. Rock, and there’s a lot of rock here: ditto, minus the dancing; add a slightly tightened gaze and more of an immediate head nod. Hard rock: enjoyable, but it really just made me drink my coffee quicker. Classical: a small gift. In fact, I’m listening to a classical station e-crafted by Pandora right now. I fancy …