Saturday, June 18, 2011

off the grid

I'm taking the summer off as far as this blog goes. I've injured my hand and wrist, and the doctor says I need to rest it as much as possible. Of course, I work online, editing and teaching, so I can't do that completely. But, I have to slow down where I can.

Look out for new fiction in Black Fox, Independent Ink Magazine (Available Now!!!) & Fwriction and a new essay in Pure Slush in the meantime.

Come August 01st (maybe before), I'll be back and hopefully healed, and on this day, I will post all of the Mannequin images, alongside those writings some of you have generously submitted. (The other two images are below, in previous posts.)
To your right is the final image ( If you'd like to contribute any short interpretation, please do (under 500 words), and I'll post it along with the others when I return.

Wish me luck... I'm not good at following doctor's oders...


  1. Follow his orders and you'll be back sooner rather than later!

  2. I do hope you will get enough rest and heal soon!

  3. Take care of yourself, Jen. All best!

  4. thanks, all. i have an appointment soon. hopefully, the doctor will offer some sort of wonderful cure that will get my right hand back in shape sooner. :)

  5. Take care of pretty little daughter-in-law!

  6. Thank you! Turns out it's tendinitis. I'm in a thumb splint for a while, but no surgery!!!


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