Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poets on Art

Image by Mark R. Knox

Writer's interpretations:

Space, Time, and the Goddess of Sunlight

R. E. Smith

An inch of space and time reserved for each individual's ponderings. Words, a first breath of knowing sighs reach the soft neck of understanding, to live in the curve of soft tissue until the cathedral of harmony settles in the ear of every attentive soul.
R. E. Smith Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


Marta Moran-Bishop

Gently the rose falls from the hand,
Goddess of sunlight burns brightly,
Time moves through eternity,
Endlessly recycling.

The Gold light darkens with the night,
Repeating itself forever,
Never the same each day new,
Dawn to dusk, then dawn again.

With renewal there is a change,
Ever so slight is the movement,
No petal or fold the same,
Ceaseless this circle of life.

Copyright Marta Moran-Bishop 2011 All Rights Reserved

Image by Mark R. Knox, KnoxworX Multimedia
Despite Beauty

Jen Knox

I looked to her for definition. The artificial. The perfect. She redefined delicacy when she found her place in nature, in images around my home. She held my own rough image, magnified, enlivened, so that I only wanted to close my eyes in front of the mirror, hoping for smoother lines. Fragile, younger then, I looked to her, to art, to the place of light. I look still. And sometimes the light peeks out, around the trees, above the moist and fragrant ground. It begs reflection, tells me to seek other forms of beauty. Look to the whole, it says, redefine.

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