Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Strange Way to Start a Game

I am very excited about the Olympics. Thrilled! I love watching the games because when I was young, I wanted to be just like those women athletes, especially those running track, in a way that so different than wanting to be like the fragile pretty people that dominate entertainment media at all other times. When I saw Flo Jo or Gail Devers walking to the start with such strength and poise, placing their ridiculous nails on the track ready to run, I saw true heroines. I read about them, especially Gail Devers, and I knew how much adversity she went through, how much fight she had in her just to survive, let alone compete in the Olympics. I watched the gymnasts in awe and wondered how the human body was capable of such things. I still do. These athletes were men and women being praised for working harder and being stronger than almost anyone else in the world, and it thrilled me. Still does.

The Olympic games haven't been in London since 1948, and last night I forwent dinner and drinks with friends so that I could watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics because I was that excited. I had high hopes for how the games would be unveiled, but wow... that was insanity at its most expensive. I couldn't stop watching because I so hoped it would get better, that there was just a rough patch here and there. But no, it was a rough patch. An expensive rough patch. Though I must say, it was jolly good fun discussing it via text messages and Facebook, it was strange and seemed to have very little to do with the athletes. Here are my flashbacks of it: neon, more neon, people in maids costumes dancing around children, numerous Mary Poppins, David Beckham, J.K. Rowling, the Queen, break dancing, headbanging, and so, so much spandex.

In London's defense, I've read that the ceremony didn't cost half as much as the more militant but beautiful presentation by China. And for this, I applaud London. But I want a new DJ next time. More, I want more focus on my heroes and heroines.

So, let's get down to what's real here. Congrats to China for getting the first gold and Poland for the silver (Yay, Poland! (Yeah, I'm part Polish.)). And as for the rest of it, Go Team USA! I'm cheering on all the athletes... you all are amazing. Sorry about your introduction. But hey, it was a conversation piece, right?


  1. Always enjoy the inside stories of the athletes. And I enjoy the pride of the winners. I can't imagine the joy of standing atop a podium knowing you're the best in the world at something.

  2. It's amazing, I bet, and likely a hard podium to step down from. But those athletes will forever be heroes in my mind.


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