Saturday, August 4, 2012

I blame the Olympics for this

While at home lately, my husband and I have been watching the Olympics non-stop. The games have inspired me to want to get in my best shape, so I've been running a little faster, pushing myself a little more. Paradoxically, I also think the Olympics has led me to my current challenge. You see, when volleyball came on the other day (sorry to the volleyball fans), I changed the channel to Food Network. There was a soufflé bake-off on, and I became inspired.

Let me just say, I don't bake. Ever. But the Olympic games have me thinking anything is possible. So, right now, I'm making a goat cheese and chocolate souffle. I bought ramekins which, of course, I didn't own because I don't bake, and I tracked down this awesome recipe from The Colors of Indian Cooking.

The reason I don't ordinarily bake is because I don't tend to be patient enough to follow directions as meticulously as a beginning baker must. I can't help but want to adjust this or that because I think it will be better, and in doing so, I throw off the delicate food chemistry that makes so many amazing desserts possible.

Today, the goal was to follow the recipe exactly, and as of now, I think there is hope for my little delicacies.

Thus far, I've only made two major mistakes that almost ruined this journey, and these are the mistakes I will blame if these don't work. 1.) I didn't soften the goat cheese, which made the whisking incredibly tough. 2.) I don't have a working mixer, which means I have to do all the "whipping" by hand. But, I am not deterred.

Twenty-five minutes later...

So, how was it? Well, if I were to grade my first attempt at a soufflé, I'd say it was a B-. The consistency was good, and these bad boys rose!!! What's more: they taste like chocolate and goat cheese souffle. I'm missing points on the texture because there wasn't that nice shell to poke my fork through on top, and this is the fun part. Either way, I suggest the recipe. It was fun. My husband is covered in cocoa powder and I think I might have egg in my hair (I really recommend using a mixer), but we just devoured some seriously good dessert. And speaking of patience, I probably should have waited until after dinner.


  1. Very cute blog! I'm sure the volley ball fans of the world will forgive you. :)

  2. Ha! Thanks for stopping by, Lisette. :) I sure hope they do. I'm still rooting for them.


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