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Readjusting: Writing and a PSA

I have been very sick this week and tired from trying to make up work and find my equilibrium after such a wonderful weekend in NYC. That's the bad news. I have some good news though and also, I want to talk about why I was sick. I don't recommend you read that part if you're squeamish when it comes to women's issues, but I felt the need to put it out there today.

The Litr-rary News:

I had a new publication come out this week in EDGE, which I'm really proud of. Actually, I had forgotten that I submitted it and that it was accepted almost a year ago, so when I got the email asking for my address and where to send the contributor's copy, I was thrilled. I reread the piece, cringed and smiled, and clapped my hands. It's a beautiful magazine, and I'm in there with some AMAZING writers, such as Stephanie Dickinson, who I read with in New York last week.

The personal news, and a PSA for women of childbearing age, or anyone who knows women of childbearing age:

New York Reading

(Due to my inability to access the Internet, this is being posted a day late. I'm actually back now, and I'm exhausted!)

Iam in New York, staying in a hotel that costs less than $110/night and has shared bathrooms (we’re talking a one shower to seven room ratio). I woke up at 3:30AM yesterday morning, flew in to Atlanta, sat next to a sizable man in a cowboy hat who kept doing that mucus-laced inhale thing and swallowing. But I was able to sleep a little (though I woke up worried I'd spoken in my sleep which, apparently, I do when I'm excited.) Then, after getting on the connecting flight, my new seatmates were two women who complained about the airline staff the whole time while sneaking their tiny vodka bottles into their purses and showing me pictures of their children and Kelly Clarkson.

The cab driver refused to speak to me, no matter how many times I tried to spark up conversation. But he came on time. I was thankful. As we drove the expressway, I became glad for…


Here's what I did this week, in a nutshell:

Drove my husband to the airport. He was at a conference all week, so it was just me. This started out well. I went to the movies by myself (a sort of strange, semi-awkward treat) and had brunch with friends over the weekend. The week itself was a little less enjoyable, however. Called my mother to wish her happy birthday on September 11th. She didn't celebrate it on this day for a long time, but it seemed okay this year. I bought her a rosemary bonsai tree, which she said she loved, and I sang to her, completely off-key.Heard the news about the grenade attack and death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. RIP.  Heard the politicizing of the death Stevens. Heart fell. Stomach turned.Watched in horror as a dog charged toward me and my dog and proceeded to attack my little guy.It was a stray Rottweiler, and I had to break up the fight which wasn't easy. My buddy's okay but was a little shaken that night.Bought medication because, u…

I think my plumcot is actually an aprium

I'm eating what was sold to me as a plumcot, which is 50% plum and 50% apricot (not to be confused with a pluot, which has a higher percentage of plum), but I believe I am the victim of false advertising and that I'm eating an aprium because it's rather light in color. Either way, it's an interesting crossbreed, and though I'll likely never buy one again because they're expensive, this one is juicy and sweet, and I want it to last, so I'll take tiny bites. I will likely remember my one plumcot/aprium experience, never knowing the ratio of plum to apricot for sure.

Well, this afternoon snuck up on me and I almost skipped a week here; it still feels like morning. My husband is watching the OSU game and we're enjoying the coolest day in San Antonio in what feels like years (months, in actuality). It's 82° and overcast, and it feels like fall. There's football on TV and pumpkin lattes at Starbucks and a slightly grayer sky. I'm not sure what we&…

Quinoa and Poetry

As you may know, I'm beginning to cook in my quest for a slightly healthier lifestyle and I'm quite awkward at it. For me, a healthier lifestyle just means running more and microwaving less (eating more real foods and less food-tasting preservatives). Speaking of that, the savory souffle I wanted to make never happened last weekend, but it will. One day. This holiday weekend, however, I have introduced yet another healthy food into my diet and with that came another experiment in the kitchen.

I bought 1/2 a pound of quinoa from Sprouts today because it looks like risotto when I've seen it at restaurants and, after reading that it is actually a seed that is incredibly high in protein and fiber while also being full of iron, thiamine and folate, I figured it'd be pretty near a grain like rice--it'd be something I can work with.

Well, it does not taste like risotto. It looks like it, but taste... yeah, not so much. At the same time, it was really good as a salad compl…