Saturday, September 15, 2012


Here's what I did this week, in a nutshell:

  • Drove my husband to the airport. He was at a conference all week, so it was just me. This started out well. I went to the movies by myself (a sort of strange, semi-awkward treat) and had brunch with friends over the weekend. The week itself was a little less enjoyable, however. 
  • Called my mother to wish her happy birthday on September 11th. She didn't celebrate it on this day for a long time, but it seemed okay this year. I bought her a rosemary bonsai tree, which she said she loved, and I sang to her, completely off-key.
  • Heard the news about the grenade attack and death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. RIP.  
  • Heard the politicizing of the death Stevens. Heart fell. Stomach turned.
  • Watched in horror as a dog charged toward me and my dog and proceeded to attack my little guy.It was a stray Rottweiler, and I had to break up the fight which wasn't easy. My buddy's okay but was a little shaken that night.
  • Bought medication because, unrelated to the Rottweiler attack I'm sure, my dog also came down with an ear infection.
  • Worked. My workload was insane, both in the corporate world (9 hour days, filled) and in the academic world (still setting up my class in the new system: Canvas (which I love)), so I slept very little. 
  • Worried after my husband called me on Wednesday to say he couldn't walk anymore because his ankle was swollen. It seems he sprained it, and we spent the night researching ways to cope before you get a chance to see a doctor. 
  • Watched the neighborhood and took a lot of walks. My new neighbors--two heavyweight guys with beards who stand outside, smoking and watching the street--have turned out to be a little more entrepreneurial than I would have imagined, which I am sure I'll elaborate on more in fiction or reality sometime in the near future.
  • Submitted a chapbook to a competition, which is pretty nerve-wrecking, but I'm hopeful. It'll be a while before I know. 
  • Compiled all the stories I've written since 2011 and realized I have over 50,000 words, 38,000 of which are thematically pretty close. 
  • Read some amazing work as submitted to PANK, which is like my meditation time. I bought Andrew Porter and Frank Hinton's new books.
  • Decided what I'm reading in New York Friday. (PS: COME!!!!
  • Returned to a novel I'd been putting on hold. 
So, this weekend, I plan to sleep. A lot. And, enjoy the beautiful weather. Life is about balance, right?

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