Sunday, October 14, 2012

Too much sometimes

Personal Stuff:

I ran too far this morning. I woke up feeling a little slow. Figuring it was just allergies, I went for a long run, and 2.5 hours later, I felt like sleeping for a week. Only I couldn't sleep.  

In my stupor, I decided to watch Homeland. I just started watching it, and given the fact that the political climate is ripe and schizophrenia is a subject that I often write about, I was rapt. It's a good show. Claire Danes has been a favorite of mine since My So-Called Life, and she executes the role beautifully. And, I love Damian Lewis's range of expressions--killer smile lines!

Now, I'm slowly pulling away from my marathon TV day with a gateway show: Sons of Anarchy, another good one. This is holding my attention just enough so that I can write this as it plays. I feel better now (strong argument for allergies), but it's taken all day, and now my weekend is almost over. I want it back; it feels wasted, albeit pleasantly. Why do some of us have to feel sick just to have an at-home day? And why, when those people (me) take an at-home day, do they (I) feel illogically guilty?    

Truth is, I'm sure this little break is going to be needed. I start teaching next week, alongside my corporate gig, so if my posts come less often do not be surprised. I'll try to keep up, but I can't guarantee. I can't wait though... I have some  fun stuff planned for these burgeoning writers. And I have a dynamite set of readings for them. 

Writing News: 

I want an agent, but I'll be damned if I can find the right one. Not that I've tried hard. I tend to be of the school that a good agent, the right one, will find you. This might be too passive a take, but I'm going to give it another year just in case. 

I read some amazing work for PANK this week. I also read for my mentorship and finally got around to checking out EDGE front to back. Shout out to the editors, this is a beautiful issue. 

I had a few rejections this week, but I also had two acceptances, which felt pretty nice.

The Istanbul Review accepted one of my all-time favorite pieces of fiction. I am very excited to be a part of this literary journal because their mission is admirable. Go check them out, find out what I'm talking about. 

Skidrow Penthouse will be printing one of my shorter pieces in 2013. This is an experimental piece for me, so I'm both nervous and excited about the publication. I'm also especially excited because I get to work with awe-inspiring Stephanie Dickinson.

My NPR piece is still up, too. I don't think they'll play it on-air, but they might. Let me know if you hear it. And if not, please read it here: "Order Up".

Finally, and most importantly, I wrote. Very little, but a little is better than nothing. A little will keep me going this week, keep me from feeling too closed-in in my cubicle. Writing is my weekly vacation, my safe haven. It feeds the good and allows me to find humor in the rest.  

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