Sunday, July 7, 2013

Enough with the personal

I think I gave you enough of the personal on Thursday. Probably more than you wanted if you read it. Such is the way with blogs subtitled literary exhibitionism.

I hope the holiday went well for everyone. It was quiet for us, 80s movies and vegan bacon burgers (imagine!), and all that goes with that. Anyway, I do have some writing news, so I thought I'd share.

Two new publications:

Rita Forgives the World is up at Eunoia Review 
Nothing is also at Eunoia Review

A new, forthcoming publication: Girls Don't Sit in the Back in Prick of the Spindle. This piece won honorable mention in the fiction open contest, which is pretty cool. Even more cool is that I'll be sharing the publication with winner of both 1st and 2nd place in the contest, Meg Tuite, who's my bud and an amazing writer.

Have a great weekend, folks! We still have a day... make it count. 

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