Sunday, July 14, 2013

Audio and the absurd

My husband and I were matched with our "little" this week, so we'll be meeting him for the first time soon, probably in a week or two. I'm nervous but excited. The Big Brothers Big Sisters process seems to move slow at first, then all of a sudden there's a kid waiting. They said the parents chose us, so I'll be very curious to meet all of them and find out why, though I have an idea. The match specialist made sure to tell us that the kid has zero interest in reading and writing, and that this is likely due to some learning disabilities; so maybe, just maybe, I can make it seem less intimidating without being obvious about it. If everything goes well, I'll do my best to sell him on the charms of writing, despite it's seeming intimidation. Mostly though, we'll just be his friend. He's interested in firetrucks and cars, so I have some ideas in mind about some educational and interesting things to do. Eleven-year-old kids haven't really ever been on my radar, not even when I was eleven, so any suggestions as far as things to do (that don't cost a lot of money), let me know.

Aside from the good news from BBBS, this week has been ridiculous. I try not to talk about any political issues here because this blog isn't for that, but what's with all the unbelievable decisions, both in the denial of women's fundamental rights in Texas and in the tragic, soap opera like reportage then trivialization of life in the Zimmerman case? What's with it all, really? Existentialists everywhere must be saying, "See! See, we told you!"

All week, every day, I kept thinking I'd have a good workout, reduce emotional response, then come back and logically--in whatever way I can--stand up and speak out for what I believe in. Not preach or tell people what to think, but show my support of what I think is right through logical means (actual action, not empty talk).  But the ridiculousness just kept coming. I worked out a lot, but it's been overwhelming. Sometimes I miss the days when I was so self-consumed so as not to care.

Speaking of said days, my investigation of that very time in my life is surfacing again. Writing wise, this week has been all about the audio. My 2009 memoir was released on audio, which is available at Amazon through Audible (compatible with iTunes and most other programs). I couldn't bring myself to listen to the whole thing yet, but I listened to the opening and then skipped around a little. I was pleasantly and bemusedly surprised to hear the narrator tackle some of the dialogue. I was worried, but I think she did a damn good job overall.

Also in audio news is this: my story, An Awkward Grief, will be released by Bound Off this week. Bound Off is an awesome audio literary journal that's free to subscribe to, so do so if you're not already. A last plug to listen to this story: I rewrote it no less than fifty times, and it's super short, so I put my work in here. Thank you to Ann Rushton, for reading it. 

Other writing news: I had a magical realism (branching out a bit) piece accepted into A capella Zoo. And, I got an advanced copy of Skidrow Penthouse, which looks amazing. The writing in there is beyond good. The cover is attention-getting, to say the least. I'll be looking forward to the official release.

It's Sunday, and I hope you have a good week. Hopefully, we'll all get some good news.

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