Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thinking about crickets

I have a fascination with insects. Usually I do research about insect and other animal behaviors for stories. Sometimes I model characters and stories after these behaviors; other times, I simply incorporate factoids into the work. Crickets may or may not work their way into a story, but they are what I've been reading about this week. 

They're interesting, crickets. I love the sound they make at night, when I'm drifting off to sleep. Maybe their song reminds me of camping or my grandmother's house, I'm not sure. The feeling I get when I hear them though is pure comfort.

One thing I learned is that crickets can hear with their stomachs. To take in auditory sensation and varied vibrations then absorb them at gut-level seems to me to live around what you hear, to ingest it. I think I people do this occasionally. My stomach surges, for instance, when I am asked why I don't have children; it sinks when I hear someone I love is in pain; it seems to become weightless when I hear good news; it twists at Texas politics.   

Today, I'm thankful to say, my stomach is silent. 

I'm grading finals this week while I'm not obsessing over crickets (okay, I think in this short post it has been determined that crickets will, in fact, work their way into a story), and in a week, I'll be done. I'll have time to write. It's been a great class, but I'm excited to dig back in.

Have a beautiful weekend. 


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