Thursday, September 19, 2013

Purse or pocket

I finally bought a purse. I got it from Marshalls for ~$15, and I cringed a little when I handed over the money. I'm not a purse person, not in the least. I'm a big wallet, phone in pocket person. I find it annoying to travel with a bag wherever I go, and I don't like the shoulder sag. What if I want to run? What if I have a tendency to lose things (I do)?

These two questions are enough, usually, for me to go purse-free. But, lately, it seems everywhere I go requires some kind of paperwork, my phone, my wallet, and a lipstick. (I don't really need the lipstick, but I like to have it.) Women's business pants hug the leg, if they fit correctly and the woman is not underweight. And women are rarely allowed the luxury of deep pockets. The cards are stacked in the favor of the purse industry.

The reason I bring up my aversion, recent limitations and subsequent concession to carry a purse is that it has really thrown me off my game this week. I'm not exaggerating.

Monday: Purse knocked my key card off my shirt between the parking garage and the front door of the lobby of the building I work at. I immediately went back, watching the ground closely, but someone had picked it up. I eventually got my badge returned to me, but the day was a series of knocking on glass doors in my business attire, waving myself in, repeating which floor I work on, and finally borrowing a key card to get out of the garage.

Tuesday: Since I put my phone in my purse Monday and didn't call anyone Monday night, I realized when I woke up Tuesday morning and went to get my phone from the charger, it was still in my purse! Easily remedied (take charger to work) but pain nonetheless.

Wednesday: Forgot to put my wallet in my purse, so I couldn't get the desired sushi lunch. I went to Zumba for the first time and had a hell of a time situating my purse in the cubby so it didn't fall over.

Thursday is fine, so far, unless there's something I have yet to uncover.  

All this to say, I wrote this mid-week blog post to ask designers of business-casual petite women's wear, to kindly give us some decent pockets. Please.

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  1. Yeah your belongings is deffenately safer in your pocket than a purse. Its easier to lift a bag with a purse in it than to pickpocket someone


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