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(Im)perfect writing

With time, with focus, with a writing residency or a full-time writing schedule or a more regimented writing routine, I would write without error. I wouldn't let silly things slip by.

I make mistakes all the time. I am a mistake machine. If you read this blog regularly, you likely know this. I am revising my posts all the time after catching a missing or extra comma, a misspelled word, or a logic error. At one time, I told myself that if things were different (see above), I would appear as flawless as I imagine the best, most notable authors are. But after 15+ years of writing seriously and reading voraciously, I can honestly say that all of the above statements are untrue and flawless writing without help is impossible. Sure, I might be more productive with more time; but blunders, typos and logic errors will always be there to trip me or give me a reality check when I feel full of myself.

I have been thinking about the pang that comes after finding errors in my work, especially…

Winter Solstice (Whew!)

This week has been yet another of my many, many crazy weeks in San Antonio. My electricity went out, and when I went to examine the meter, well, there was no meter. When the CPS folks came out they said it was a common thing to have your meter stolen by someone whose electricity was cut off and whose own meter had been locked. They said it takes a while to trace, so if successfully rigged, the thief will have free electricity for a short time before s/he's caught. Seems a sad crime to me, so I wasn't so much mad as thankful that I had 1. enough money to pay my own electric bill and 2. just bought the battery-powered, stick-it-anywhere INSTAbulb as a joke gift for a white elephant gift exchange at work. That thing is pretty damn handy when someone steals your meter, let me tell you. The white elephant present was promptly replaced with The Perfect Tortilla, and I was good to go until my lights were restored. In other news, the work week was stressful, and my new medication made…

Tis the Season

I've had a very interesting term this year, with students completely engaged and others barely paying attention. Tis the season. I find that fall classes are often populated by more students who take creative writing "just because" than in other terms. This has been a challenge, but wow, when a student surprises his or herself after outright identifying as a non-writer, it's a great feeling. Grading is done for the term, and I'm coming up for air.

It's December 15th, and I can't believe it. Ten days till Christmas. Sixteen days till we'll bring in the new year. I'm ready. 2013 has been a year of hard work, and though this will likely continue, I plan to make some big changes in 2014.

I always find the turnover of the year an opportunity to improve myself and my situation, so I'm already looking forward to the renewal. This next year, I plan to focus on my writing more, and I have to figure a way to do so (suggestions welcome). Currently, I wor…


Today needs summarized in list form.

Got a new author pic taken (not as traumatic as I thought it'd be, and I have a few... I think I'll go with this one) Bruised my index finger pretty bad by banging it against the shower knob after runningDid some Christmas shoppingTook Ahti to dog park to find a pug meet-up of some sort (crazy-cool to see dozens of pugs all running around slowly, breathing loud breaths in, it seemed, unison)Ate some pre-packaged salad and got violently ill shortly there afterThought I could run it off, so tried running again, and got more violently ill (Asian salad - Tyler Farms - not saying that did it, but that's what I ate 2 hours before getting violently ill)Watched Sons of Anarchy, which was all about a guy getting ill after taking too many drugs, and I got even more violently illStarted feeling betterGraded, graded, gradedStarted feeling even better (perhaps my students' writings have healing powers)Made ginger tea and began writing this blog p…

For my buddy

A short essay, "With a Shot," is at Litro Online. Thanks to Dan Coxon for the space.